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Mission, Vision, Values

Who We Are

For 100 years, the Grosse Pointe Public School System has benefited from a sturdy local tax base, state financial support, and ample federal funding, making our school district the envy of our peers nationwide and the crown jewel in one of the healthiest and robust communities in the state. Yet the future is not what it used to be.


To grow an endowment to ensure the long-term viability of GPPSS by connecting alumni and friends from around the world to look back, come back, and give back to Grosse Pointe Public Schools.


A premier school system functioning with support from the past and present fueling the future in the form of a district-wide endowment

A school community that is as connected to its alumni and advocates as it is to the students and families we support and serve


Community - We aim to benefit all impacted by the Grosse Pointe Public School System.  In order to do that, all voices will be valued.  We benefit from diverse thoughts, backgrounds, cultures, socioeconomic status to honor all stakeholders.

Transparency - We are an open book.  We pledge to share everything we can with all who are interested. 

Excellence - We know high-caliber, healthy schools are the fundamental imperative of a thriving community. 

In a Nutshell…

1.  GPPSS is the heart and soul of our community.

2.  Private funding can make the needed difference in the sustainability and growth of public schools.

3.  By leveraging the community, our endowment aims to create lifetime financial stability regardless of school funding trends.

Grosse Pointe Alumni & Friends is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, a volunteer-led, mission-driven association unaffiliated with—but committed to supportingthe Grosse Pointe Public School System.

Our Sponsors and Partners