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District Grant

Generations Endowment

The creation of the Generations Endowment is the founding purpose of Grosse Pointe Alumni & Friends.  

The Generations Endowment Fund supports excellence in teaching and learning by funding large scale district-wide grants in order to create and support programs and innovative multi-year projects that would go unfunded due to budget constraints. All district grant proposals will be reviewed in the spring for the following school year. 

Grant Reporting

The Board of Grosse Pointe Alumni & Friends shall prepare a summary of the district grant to be shared with the Board of Education and the Superintendent annually. The Board of Education will be asked to accept the grant on behalf of the District.

Grant Evaluation

Within 90 days of completion of the grant distribution, a written evaluation from the GPPSS must be submitted to the Generations Endowment Board. The Generations Board may request periodic reports on grant implementation or progression. Other forms of evaluation or summary may also be requested or submitted.

Archiving and Record Keeping

The Generations Endowment Committee will be responsible for archiving all grant requests. These records will include grants submitted and funded.

Grant Expenditures

All grant funds must be spent within 12 months of grant approval. Any grant monies not utilized will remain in the Generations Endowment Fund unless an extension is approved by the Endowment Committee. 

The following criteria will be used to evaluate each district-wide grant.

  1. Is the grant request student-oriented?
  2. Is the need clearly communicated, and is this a strong programmatic response to that need?
  3. How does it relate to the curriculum?
  4. Is the application thorough with specific examples of how the program or equipment will be used or implemented in the classroom?
  5. Does it include an itemized budget noting any additional funding?
  6. If funds are needed to sustain this program on an annual basis, does the grant request include a schedule and identified sources for future funding?
  7. How does it enhance teaching and learning in the district?

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