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For 100 years, the Grosse Pointe Public School System has benefitted from a sturdy local tax base, state financial support, and ample federal funding, making our school district the envy of our peers nationwide and the crown jewel in one of the healthiest and robust communities in the state. Yet the future is not what it used to be.

Recent school closures, a global pandemic, and budget deficits that have impacted public schools everywhere threaten the long-term viability and success of the very heart of the community we call home. And even the generous contributions of kind benefactors, dedicated parents, millage supporters, and volunteer fundraisers may not be enough to bridge the gaps that the future portends. There needs to be a bigger initiative, a bolder endeavor, and an even deeper commitment from everyone impacted by this revised version of the future.

News & Notes

This year, the Grosse Pointe Public School System celebrates 100 years of educational excellence. As part of the celebration, we are partnering with the district to profile 100 alumni from our illustrious first century! We need your help, Grosse Pointe Alumni & Friends. We are asking our community to help source and identify those who are worthy and willing to be profiled, not only on our website, but in district-wide communications, social media, and across the community.

If you've enjoyed reading our Alumni, Volunteer and Student Spotlights, you've likely been reading the work of Grosse Pointe marketing consultant and writer Andrea Daniell.

For our newest Alumni Spotlight, we spoke to Dr. Robert Friedhoff, who was in the second class to graduate from Grosse Pointe North after the Grosse Pointe High School split in 1968 to become Grosse Pointe South and the new Grosse Pointe North.

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