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Alumni Profile: Kathryn Rozelle, GPN Class of 2005

With every stroke of her paintbrush, Kathryn Rozelle skillfully crafted her life's canvas, driven by a nonstop passion for art and leadership. Today, as the Principal Account Manager at Google for Ford Motor Company, she continues her success, each accomplishment adding depth and brightness to her captivating journey.

Rozelle was born and raised in Grosse Pointe, attending Monteith Elementary, Mason Elementary, Parcells Middle School and finally Grosse Pointe North. Growing up with five siblings, Rozelle’s family frequently moved due to her father's job at Ford Motor Company. Despite the frequent relocations, Rozelle remained deeply connected to Grosse Pointe. Here, she began to shape her identity through various activities and discovered her true passions in life.

“What I loved most about Grosse Pointe, growing up here, was that you could do all these different things and that was kind of accepted,” Rozelle said. “You didn't have to be in one crowd. And I was really into sports and student council, but then I was kind of a unique student because I was also really into art.”

In high school, Rozelle continued to pursue her desires in life, learning to become a leader through her experiences of track, art and student council.

“I learned to really love running and I think those skills in art, the detail and the focus you have to have,” Rozelle said. “Then in running the kind of dedication to doing that over and over again. They laid the foundation for my work ethic, which has served me well in my career at Google. Handling pressure comes naturally because from a young age, I was learning these pretty important qualities and honing my craft.”

During Rozelle’s high school years at Grosse Pointe North with her twin Maggie Perry, multiple teachers stood out as supportive figures including social studies teacher Daniel Gilleran, her class adviser and mentor during her time as Student Association Vice President. 

“I had her as a student,” Gilleran said. “Katie and Maggie, in my sociology class and Civics class, they were really engaging. I love the fact that they were curious about the world and the thing is they are both so kind. That's the best thing I can say about them, because they're always looking out for people trying to do what's best and really interested in helping the school and helping the class of 2005.”

Acknowledging and valuing memories made with Rozelle, Gilleran cherishes the opportunity to see her grow up and progress throughout high school.

“It's just really fun because I don't normally teach freshmen but to see her as a 14 year old coming into school and then watching her deliver the commencement speech at graduation four years later, it was just such a cool process to see her mature,” Gilleran said. “And as she took on more responsibilities and came to be more confident, it was wonderful to see her blossom into this really, really wonderful person.”

When Rozelle graduated from high school she decided to continue on her art path. Initially pursuing Disney animation at the Cleveland Institute of Art and then moving to the University of Michigan, where she engaged in graphic design organizations and internships, shaping her strategic design mindset.

“It's okay to Pivot because sometimes when you are open to change and you're open to follow what you really are interested in, you end up landing exactly where you're supposed to be and where you're most passionate about,” Rozelle said.

Following multiple shifts in her journey, Rozelle has ultimately found herself in a job she wholeheartedly loves, navigating new challenges daily with determination.

 “I've been working for Ford for almost more than 10 years if you count AOL and Google and every day is different, every day I'm coming in and I'm not doing the same thing,” Rozelle said. “That's what I love about working on this because everything is constantly evolving every day.”

Presently, living in Grosse Pointe with her family, Rozelle works at a place she loves, where she finds fulfillment in making a community impact. 

“Focusing on the different activities and things you're exposed to based on those things that bring you joy and passion is something wonderful,” Rozelle said. “I thought that being creative was so fun to do and I hope to kind of continue to inspire more women to go into at pack and digital advertising but also help people understand that there's not this straight path in the future.”

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