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Volunteer Spotlight: Kyle Steiner

Why Am I Volunteering?

Before we even begin with answering that question, it’s important to provide a brief background of who I am. My name is Kyle Steiner, I am a born and raised Grosse Pointer; the youngest of four boys, all of which live here as adults. I have a beautiful wife, Carly, who is my best friend, business partner, greatest advocate, and strongest challenger.

We are new parents of a beautiful boy, Charlie, who in years to come will be entering the GPPSS. Oh, and we can’t forget our fun loving dog, Birdie, either. Birdie may not be a student, but cares deeply about the sidewalks and lawns of the tree lined streets she assumes her own.

To me, I am not your stereotypical Grosse Pointer; yet to anyone who isn’t from Grosse Pointe, I probably am just that. In either case, what’s of meaning is I am not here to fit any particular mold, nor argue one I am placed in. I am okay with the simplicity of evolving and growing as an individual, however that may label me. 

I grew up in the GPPSS, having attended Kerby, Brownell, and South. Following graduation, I made my way to the Upper Peninsula, where I graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2011. What a place.

It is in Marquette, Michigan, where the years of K-12 blended with the autonomy and surreality of college. And I think it’s important we understand those formative years only transpire as they do, based on the roots we come from.

My roots are in the Grosse Pointe Public School System… Coupled with family and friends of what I would deem a dream worthy town.

I chose to step up and step into the Grosse Pointe Alumni & Friends Association for reasons I couldn’t explain to you at the time. The first time I heard of GPAFA was enough for something in me to say, “go.”

And so I did.

My Time, My Crossroads

What I’ve come to believe since that moment is that we are at some crossroads – globally to locally, the feeling is profound and ubiquitous, scattered across communities of every background.

I’ve learned over my short time here on Earth, crossroads can come with an array of emotions, too: fear, uncertainty, curiosity, determination, the list goes on. My role in volunteering is to take those emotions, and put them into action of something I believe in. Something I care about. Something I hope generates opportunity for the many generations after us, as they too will face their own crossroads. My hope is they can do so with tenacity and certainty, which I am assured will come from the roots planted early on.

Every so often the world is going to turn upside down on us. It is how we respond in turning it right side up that matters in the long run.

Want to join Kyle and our team of volunteers? Click here to see what feels right for you!


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